meet josh 

& amanda

Hey.  We're not here to tell you that we have the secret to elevating your relationship.  We know we have the tools to get you headed in a pretty great direction. The rest is up to YOU!

Combined between the two of them, Josh and Amanda have over 25 years of bodywork experience.  They have three young kids, and are now living in Central Ohio. 

We know we're not the only ones who have been taken for a bit of a ride this past year.  That's why we're focusing back in on the basics: human contact.  

After meeting in massage therapy school over 10 years ago, Josh and Amanda quickly began pouring energy into teaching their couples class, Massage Your Mate.  

Josh has always maintained his own private practice, chock full of loyal clients.  And Amanda is often absorbed in the birth and childrearing world as a doula, educator and mother.      

The Massage Your Mate workshops have often times their own date night and was always a gift to teach tools of connection to other couples committed to prioritizing their relationship.  Talk about a labor of love. 

And now we're finally moving our workshops to the digital world and mixing things up a bit.

Thank you for inviting us to be your Bodywork Guides

We're so happy to meet you here.  

what we do

We teach you pro massage techniques to help ease tension and promote a deeper connection with those you care for most.  
places and positions
We give you pro tips for the places and positions you find yourself in the most: the kitchen, on the couch, at a desk, and in bed. 
While we are big believers in the power of essential oils, it's not necessary by any means.  We do love to incorporate them in a lot!
virtually speaking
We realize life is a bit more virtual these days.  We're here to help put  human contact at the top of the priority list for wellness.

they said

See why our clients LOVE us :)

karen w.
Josh and Amanda are wonderful instructors. 
My boyfriend and I took this class and LOVED it.  Josh and Amanda are wonderful instructors.  I highly recommend taking this class with your mate. 
Kelsey p.
No need to break out the towels and oil!
My husband and I had such a great time in this class.  It is so practical!  You come as you are.  No need to break out the towels and oil!
Jacob s.
A great class! Both teachers were so friendly...
A great class!  Both teachers were so friendly, informative and approachable.  I wasn't sure what to expect but went in with an open mind.  It was nice to hear that the class was NOT about laying on a table.  

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